Hillary Clinton Has a Shot of Whiskey

Hillary Clinton was recently spotted “drinking” a shot of whiskey, I guess to show what a ‘regular’ person she is. (see video below). If Ms. Clinton ever wants to drink whiskey in her “home” state, here are a few suggestions from our MurphGuide Directory of NY Scotch & Whiskey Bars:

In business for more than twenty years, The Kinsale Tavern has one of the largest selections of whiskey in New York City.

The Kinsale Tavern
1672 Third Ave. (bet. 93rd & 94th St.)
New York, NY
(212) 348-4370

St. Andrew’s boasts the largest selection of single malt scotches in the city. See their scotch list.

St. Andrew’s
120 W. 44th St. (bet. 6th & 7th Ave.)
New York, NY
(212) 840-8413

Failte Irish Whiskey Bar is the place to sample an Irish whiskey. They have over 20 brands, including the hard to find like Paddys, Midleton Rare and Very Rare, Lockes, and Connemara Whiskeys..

Failte Irish Whiskey Bar
531 Second Ave.
(bet. 29th & 30th St.)

New York, NY

(212) 725-9440


New York’s lower east side was once dubbed “The Whiskey Ward”.
Check out the whiskey menu and try Flights of whiskey at:

The Whiskey Ward
121 Essex St.
(bet. Rivington & Delancey St.)

New York, NY
(212) 477-2998

Other Suggestions for whiskey lovers:
Puck Fair:
298 Lafayette St. (bet. Houston & Prince) New York, NY (212) 431-1200
Whiskey River:
575 Second Ave. (32nd St.) New York, NY (212) 679-6799
Keen’s Steakhouse:
72 W. 36th St. (between 5th & 6th Ave.) New York, NY (212) 947-3636
See more at
MurphGuide Directory of NY Scotch & Whiskey Bars

Is Hillary faking it?
It looks phony to me, or at least is a breach of drinking etiquette.
Watch the video below. She clinks “cheers” to the folks at the bar, then takes (fakes) a sip.
Then she moves away from the people at the bar she just clinked glasses with, and hides amid her handlers, turning her back to the camera. It looks like they are explaining how they will get rid of the shot. This is where they probably dump or switch glasses.
When she turns back around, notice that her hand is covering the glass, so you never actually see the whiskey going down. That’s probably because the glass is already empty. Then she emphatically tilts her head back, trying to sell it.

What do you think? Real or fake?


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