About MurphGuide Entertainment
Welcome to MurphGuide.com.  MurphGuide is a nightlife & events marketing company based in NYC.  Using the simple premise of “Connecting the Fun to the Fun People”TM, MurphGuide promotes social events for its clients and viewers of the NY nightlife website, MurphGuide.com.

Founded in 1997, MurphGuide.com has grown a loyal following of fun New Yorkers and visitors looking for fun things to do in NYC, creating an on-line community that meets off-line in the real world at events listed on MurphGuide.com

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Our viewers consists of New Yorkers and visitors interested in NYC nightlife events.  The viewers of the website are fun people looking to do fun things in New York City nightlife. 

For NYC residents & visitors
Check in to MurphGuide.com, updated everyday
– Hundreds of NYC events and venues to suit every interest.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Are you a person or a company?
A. Yes.

Q. Come on!
A. OK, MurphGuide Entertainment is a company run by a real person, Sean Murphy, a.k.a. Murph.

Q. Can you help me plan a party?
A. Sure!  We know lots of cool places to throw a party of any size.  Give us a call or drop us a note, and we can help you out at no cost to you. (212) 717-9955.
Check out our Party Planner to help you select a venue.

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