GGRD Tailgate Party at American Trash

This is the first blog version of “And Then What Happened?“, our on-going chronicle of NY’s nightlife.

On Saturday, August 16, we were proud to co-sponsor the Gotham Girls Roller Derby Jeerleaders’ tailgate party at American Trash. This was the jeerleaders’ first tailgate party, and it was well attended by GGRD fans who got a chance to have a few drinks before the bout, since Hunter College does not serve alcohol at the GGRD bouts.

We met some of the jeerleaders, including Lolita Ford, Rotton to the Core-y, Ada Zee, and Minnie Pearl Haggard. We even met a Gotham Girls Dad, as we had a nice chat with Suzy Hotrod‘s father. He is so proud of her, but he wishes Beyonslay would lay off of her.

Fans also got to watch video of a previous GGRD bout, before MPH showed us what she learned in Coney Island.

Below is a clip from the tailgate party at American Trash. The Queens of Pain‘s jeerleader are called the Royal Pains, and their own Minnie Pearl Haggard entertained the crowd with her fire eating exhibition. Not shown in the clip is the knucklehead who tried to put out the fire with his newspaper, or the bartender extinguishing said newspaper:

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