How Do You Like Your MurphGuide Served?

How do you like your MurphGuide served?

As the web evolves, MurphGuide evolves along with it.
We have come a long way since:
first reported on NYC’s nightlife way back in August of 1997.
11 years worth of New York drinkers have come of age reading MurphGuide.
We have been operating under since August 1998.

In our continuous efforts to “connect the fun to the fun people”,
there are several ways for you to get the latest information on fun NYC nightlife:

1. Read our website,
Our website is updated every day
with events, happy hours, bar listings, etc.
Bars by category: lounges, sports bars, Irish pubs, romantic spots,
Mexican restaurants, nightclubs, wine bars, comedy clubs and more.
Special interests: Singles, Karaoke, beer lovers, pub quizzes, ladies nights, and many more.

2. Facebook:
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3. The MurphGuide Blog
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We will continue to find ways to “Connect the Fun to the Fun People”, so keep reading.

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