An Irish Brew – through Saturday, July 12, 2008

Our friend John Nevin, host of Dempsey’s weekly trad. session, tells us about this play, running through Saturday…

An Irish Brew, created and performed by Freddy Arsenault, Ben Graney and Gretchen Hall.
This is a new production from Studio Tisch & The NYU Graduate Acing Alumni Association, inspired by Irish Fairy and Folk Tales, collected and edited by W.B. Yeats.
During the ravages of the mid-19th century potato famine, three starving Dubliners, Molly, Donald, and Padraig, find shelter from a storm in an abandoned pub. Desperately hungry, lonesome and on the verge of death, the three find temporary sanity and hope in the folk stories of their people. With stories handed down word-for-word, with such clarity and magic for hundreds of years, one can’t help but believe that they just might be true.

Performances are at 8pm now through Saturday, July 12.
Shubert Theatre
at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts
5th Floor
721 Broadway (at Waverly Pl)
New York, NY


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