Adult Education: a useless lecture series at Union Hall

Tuesday, November 11
Stay Free Magazine presents…
Adult Education
a useless lecture series

Adult Education is a Brooklyn-based monthly lecture series
devoted to making useless knowledge somewhat less useless.
Each month is devoted to a given theme, and 4 speakers will address
some aspect of that theme using visual aids.

This month: “Lies and Liars”
The line-up will include:
“The Way We Lie”
Is a white lie a gateway drug to larger lies?
Writer Jill Stoddard investigates this and other fun facts about lying, including some she made up on her own.

“On the Internet, Nobody Knows You’re a Fraud”
D.E. Rasso examines the duplicitous and desperate world of Internet impostors.

“You Are Not Going to Be Famous”
Jim Hanas debunks America’s big lie.

All hosted by comedian Charles Star.
8 pm (doors at 7:30)
$5 cover
Union Hall
702 Union St. (Fifth Ave.)
Park Slope, Brooklyn

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Charles_Star (myspace) (Jim Hanas)

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