Super Bowl Sunday at Chelsea Brewing Company

#29 in our series of Super Bowl parties in NYC.
In our continuous efforts to “connect the fun to the fun people”, we will be listing Super Bowl parties here all week until the big day.
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Sunday, February 1

Super Bowl Sunday at Chelsea Brewing Company
The Chelsea Brewing Company is hosting
“Super Bowl Nonsense Extravaganza”

Kicking things off (literally) with a field goal kicking contest
from 3-6pm to win free beer!

This isn’t some tacky kid’s contest, we’ve built a field goal post that’s almost full scale and set it up in the parking garage.
See if you can make the “game winning point” when there’s a free pint on the line.
Stick around for the game cause we have the best deal in NYC.
$25 Open Bar on Beer and Wine, starting at 6pm
with a free buffet at half time.

Tons of space, tons of TVs, and the chance to walk the walk and show you’re friends you’re better than them as you nail a field goal and sip your victory beer.

Call Ian for reservations
Chelsea Brewing Company
Pier 59, Chelsea Piers
(18th St. & West Side Highway)
New York, NY
(212) 336-6440

Call Ian for reservations

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