Redefining the Summer Share 2016

david-shapiro-summer2016Our friend David Shapiro is an experience summer share host. He is now redefining the summer share by letting his guests pick and choose their destination: The Hamptons, Fire Island, and Club Getaway.

This summer 2016 he will host 25 trips across 13 weekends at 3 destinations:
4 trips to Fire Island, 9 trips to Club Getaway and 12 trips to the Hamptons.

MurphGuide party tip: Prices go up each week as availability gets more limited, so booking early will save you money.

Here’s the complete schedule: (Availability subject to change.)

► Memorial Day: Ocean Beach, Fire Island


Fire Island

► Memorial Day: Oceanfront Hamptons Hotel Almost sold out
► Memorial Day: Club Getaway
► June 24: Ocean Beach, Fire Island
► June 24: Oceanfront Hamptons Hotel
► June 24: Club Getaway – SOLD OUT
► July 4th: Oceanfront Hamptons Hotel
► July 4th: Club Getaway – Filling quickly
► July 8th: Oceanfront Hamptons Hotel
► July 15th: Oceanfront Hamptons Hotel
► July 15th: Club Getaway Sports, Fun & Adventure



► July 22nd: Ocean Beach, Fire Island
► July 22nd: Oceanfront Hamptons Hotel
► July 22nd: Club Getaway Young Pros (ages 20s & 30s)
► July 29th: Oceanfront Hamptons Hotel
► July 29th: Club Getaway J Weekend
► Aug 5th: Oceanfront Hamptons Hotel

Club Getaway

Club Getaway

► Aug 5th: Club Getaway Sports, Fun & Adventure
► Aug 12th: Oceanfront Hamptons Hotel
► Aug 12th: Club Getaway Young Pros (ages 20s & 30s)
► Aug 19th: Oceanfront Hamptons Hotel
► August 26th: Ocean Beach, Fire Island
► August 26th: Oceanfront Hamptons Hotel
► Labor Day: Oceanfront Hamptons Hotel
► Labor Day: Club Getaway
► October 7th: Club Getaway Fall Finale – a popular weekend

For Club Getaway, guests enjoy Upgraded Cabins with fully-stocked fridges, private bonfire, reserved dinner seating and other special perks. Special group rates only available to David Shapiro & his guests.

Call 212-579-4844 or email with any questions
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