GFW2011: A Concert to Benefit Global Fund for Women

The third annual benefit concert for the Global Fund for Women will be held Thursday, April 7, 2011 at Maxwell’s in Hoboken.

Thursday, April 7
Clueless Events presents…
Global Fund for Women 2011
A Concert to Benefit Global Fund for Women
hosted by Stephen Bailey
featuring performances by:
Nick Wager
Aunt Ange
Clueless Allstars (with very special surprise guests!)
Ice Wagon Flu
RSVP via facebook
$8 donation
Proceeds from the show will benefit Global Fund for Women, an international network committed to a world of equality and social justice. They advocate for and defend women’s rights by making grants to support women’s groups around the world.
Public Serviced Announcement for GFW2011 by The Lost Girls

Maxwell’s: photo by Laura DeSanits-Olsson

1039 Washington St. (11th St.)
Hoboken, NJ

The show’s host, Hoboken based writer Stephen Bailey, is a long-time friend and contributor to He took the time to answer our questions below…

Stephen Bailey at GFW 2010. photo by Laura DeSanits-Olsson

You are hosting the 3rd annual GFW benefit concert. How did you become involved?
I’ve known organizer and musician Nelson Pla since we were teenagers. I had helped to promote the first benefit in 2009 and attended as a fan of the bands and the cause. I just really wanted to be more involved, so I asked Nelson if I could host the next one. I guess I didn’t say or do anything too embarrassing since he’s letting me do it again this year.

What are the goals of the Global Fund for Women?
They’re a nonprofit organization founded in 1987 that promotes the economic security, health, safety, education and leadership of women and girls worldwide. They do this by raising money for grants through an international network of donors.

What can we expect at the show? Will you be performing in addition to hosting?
Ah, I think me yapping away on stage will be performance enough. It’s been a while since I’ve picked up a guitar in public. But the night will not be short of fantastic music. My nephew Nick Wager is opening the show, so this year is even more special to me and my family. Then we have a very cool gypsy/garage/psychedelic rock band from Brooklyn called Aunt Ange. Of course, no GFW Benefit would be complete with out the clueLess Allstars. A band of local heroes and special guests headed up by Nelson Pla on drums and his brother Joe Pla on guitar. Closing the night will be the always fun Icewagon Flu with their bouncing Irish flavor. Anyone who has seen them knows what I mean.

What is new and exciting in the Hoboken music scene?
I love watching this great bar called Northern Soul on the southwest part of town developing into a major player in the live, original music scene. We held the 2010 Hoboken Music Awards there (which I hosted) and the place was busting at the seams. I think the positive energy coming out of that place has sparked other places to rethink their moratorium on original music. I’ve definitely been seeing more of it and that just makes me very happy.

Do you have any other projects in the works?
I’ve been working very closely with the Hoboken Arts Center project. Back in 2006 the city approved the building of a multifaceted performance, theater, gallery and educational space. The designs are breathtaking and it’s gonna be an amazing cornerstone of the Hudson County arts scene. Right now it’s in the usual long period of planning and development, but if all goes to plan, it should open in 2014. I’m very excited about that. See

Do you still perform?
No. Like I said, it’s been a very long time. But the other night I had to take out one of my guitars to bring to my nephew to use as a backup for the GFW2011 show. I tell ya, I plucked a couple of notes and started to get that itch. So, ya never know. I could be out there annoying ears everywhere again real soon.

How did your old band Ya-Ne-Zniyoo get its name? How long were you together? Any chance of a reunion show?
We wanted a name in another language. Me, being a smart ass, thought it would be funny to have it in another alphabet. My bass player at the time Ed Zimmer was studying Russian, but all he could say was “I don’t know.” Since using the Cyrillic lettering proved difficult to say the least, Ya-Ne-Zniyoo was our lame attempt at a phonetic spelling. And then it stuck for 17 years and through many lineup changes. I had retired from performing after the band’s last show at Maxwell’s in 2006, but there is always a possibility of bringing together guys like Ed or Nelson who was our original drummer or my longest songwriting partner, Eric Schmitz. We were together for over 12 of those 17 years.

Tell us a story or anecdote about performing live.
Hmmm. That’s a tough one. If you’ve ever seen Spinal Tap, you know that anyone in a band for any amount of time has a plethora of stories to tell. I think one of my favorites actually dates back to one of the very first Ya-Ne-Zniyoo shows in 1989. We were playing a dive called Downtown Beirut II (yes, there were 2 of them). For a stage, they used a rickety old drum riser and my overly enthusiastic stage antics resulted in my foot going through the stage and me getting stuck. We finished the song and my reputation as a clumsy ragdoll on stage was born. I’ve never seriously hurt myself, but I’ve done my share of bruising and bleeding in the name of rock n roll.

Any advice to someone just starting out?
Don’t let all this technology fool you. It may be easier to create your music and it may be easier to get yourself on to major retail sites like iTunes or Amazon, but the old marketing tricks are still the best. That may sound stupid, but it’s the truth. Whether it’s online or on stage, don’t just hope and pray that someone finds you. Play out as much as you can. Have a decent website. Get on as many social sites as possible. Most importantly, engage your audience. Don’t make it a one-way only communication. Oh, and always tip your bartenders! They will often be your greatest allies when trying to rebook at a venue.

Global Fund for Women
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Below is a public service announcement for the GFW by Stephen Bailey:

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