NHL Playoffs 2017

2017 NHL Stanly Cup Playoffs

nhl_logoThe NHL’s “second season”, the playoffs, started April 12 with 16 teams vying for the cup through a grueling journey of four best-of-seven series.  The Pittsburgh Penguins won the Eastern Conference, defeating Columbus, Washington & Ottawa.  The Nashville Predators won the Western Conference, defeating Chicago, St. Louis & Anaheim. The champion series starts on May 29 and the Stanley Cup champions will be crowned in June.

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Stanley Cup Finals Schedule:

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Nashville Predators

Game 1: Monday, May 29: Pittsburgh 5, Nashville 3
Game 2: Wednesday, May 31: Pittsburgh 4, Nashville 1
Game 3: Saturday, June 3: Nashville 5, Pittsburgh 1
Game 4: Monday, June 5: Nashville 4, Pittsburgh 1
Game 5: Thursday, June 8: Penguins 6, Nashville 0
Game 6: Sunday, June 11: Pittsburgh 2, Nashville 0


Congratulations, Pittsburgh Penguins, 2017 Stanley Cup champions




First Round
Anaheim def. Calgary 4-0
Pittsburgh def. Columbus 4-1
Nashville def. Chicago 4-0
St. Louis def. Minnisota 4-1
New York def. Montreal 4-2
Edmonton def. San Jose 4-2
Ottawa def. Boston 4-2
Washington def. Toronto 4-2

Second Round Results:
Nashville def. St. Louis 4-2
Ottawa def. New York 4-2
Pittsburgh def. Washington 4-3
Anaheim def. Edmonton 4-3

Conference Finals:
Nashville def. Anaheim 4-2
Pittsburgh def. Ottawa 4-3

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