2018 MLB Playoffs Viewing Guide

MLB post seasonThe 2018 MLB playoffs started on October 2 and continues throughout the month of October.
In the American League, the New York Yankees beat the Oakland A’s in the Wild Card game, and then lost to The Boston Red Sox in the AL Division Series (ALDS). The Houston Astros beat the Cleveland Indians in the other ALDS.  Boston beat Houston in the American League Championship Series (ALCS) and advance to the World Series.
In the National League, the Colorado Rockies beat the Chicago Cubs the Wild Card game.  They lost to Milwaukee Brewers in the National League Division Series (NLDS). The Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Atlanta Braves in the other NLDS.  The Dodgers beat The Brewers in 7 games to advance to the World Series, which starts October 23.

In our continuous efforts to “connect the fun to the fun people”, we present our MLB Playoff Viewing Guide:

Where to watch the MLB Playoffs in NYC

Watch the action at your favorite NY sports bar: Check out the MurphGuide directory of NYC sports bars.

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MLB Playoff Schedule:

The World Series

Tuesday, October 23
WS Game 1:
L.A. Dodgers at Boston Red Sox – time t.b.a.

Wednesday, October 24
WS Game 2:
L.A. Dodgers at Boston Red Sox – time t.b.a.

Friday, October 26
WS Game 3:
Boston Red Sox at L.A. Dodgers  – time t.b.a.

Saturday, October 27
WS Game 4:
Boston Red Sox at L.A. Dodgers  – time t.b.a.

Sunday, October 28
WS Game 5:*
Boston Red Sox at L.A. Dodgers  – time t.b.a.

Tuesday, October 30
WS Game 6:*
L.A. Dodgers at Boston Red Sox – time t.b.a.

Wednesday, October 31
WS Game 7:*
L.A. Dodgers at Boston Red Sox – time t.b.a.

Team Bars

Milwaukee Brewers:

Kettle of Fish is a notorious Green Bay Packers supporters bar. They are hosting game watch parties for Milwaukee Brewers fans.

Kettle of Fish
59 Christopher St. (7th Ave. S.)
New York, NY.
(212) 414-2278


Boston Red Sox:

Professor Thom’s is headquarters for all New England sports.

Professor Thom’s
219 Second Ave. (between 13th & 14th St.)
New York, NY
(212) 260-9480


Los Angeles DodgersLos Angeles Dodgers:
NYC Dodgers fans have been meeting at Taqueria St. Mark’s

Taqueria St. Mark’s
79 St. Mark’s Place (between 1st & 2nd Ave.)
New York, NY
(646) 964-5614


Houston Astros:
Avenida Cantina welcomes all Houston Astros fans in NYC
showing the games with sound
in a Houston-friendly environment

Avenida Cantina
25 Avenue B (between 2nd & 3rd St.)
New York, NY
(646) 882-0593

Cleveland Indians:

The Big Apple Browns Backers are hosting Cleveland Indians game watch parties during the playoffs at Brother Jimmy’s in Murray Hill. Every game will be shown (except Sat. Oct. 6, when they will watch at Village Tavern.


Brother Jimmy’s: 181 Lexington Ave. (31st St.) New York, NY (212) 673-6465

Village Tavern: 46 Bedford St. (Seventh Ave.) New York, NY.




New York Yankees:Stan's Sports Bar
Every sports bar in NYC will be showing the Yankees:
Check out the MurphGuide directory of NYC sports bars.

If you are going to the game at Yankee Stadium:
See our MurphGuide Directory of Bars Near Yankee Stadium



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Oakland A's Fans NYCOakland A’s:
Oakland A’s fans in NYC have been gathering at Jack Demsey’s

They are hosting a Wild Card Game watch party on Oct. 3
RSVP via facebook

Jack Demsey’s
36 W. 33rd St. (between 5th Ave. & Broadway)
New York, NY
(212) 629-9899


Chicago Cubs:

225 E. 44th St. (between Second & Third Ave.)
New York, NY
(212) 682-7266


NL Wild Card

Tuesday, October 2
Colorado Rockies 2, Chicago Cubs 1

AL Wild Card

Wednesday, October 3
NY Yankees 7, Oakland A’s 2


Milwaukee Brewers vs. Colorado Rockies

Game 1: Brewers 3, Rockies 2
Game 2: Brewers 4, Colorado Rockies 0
Game 3: Brewers 6, Rockies 0

Brewers win series 3-0

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Atlanta Braves

Game 1: Dodgers 6, Braves 0
Game 2:  Dodgers 3,  Braves 0
Game 3: Braves 6, Dodgers 5
Game 4: Dodgers 6, Braves 2

Dodgers win series 3-1


New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox

Game 1: Red Sox 5, Yankees 4
Game 2: Yankees 6, Red Sox 2
Game 3: Red Sox 16, Yankees 1
Game 4: Red Sox 4, Yankees 3
Red Sox win series 3-1

Houston Astros vs. Cleveland Indians

Game 1:  Astros 7, Indians 2
Game 2: Astros 3, Indians 1
Game 3: Astros 11, Indians 3

Astros win series 3-0


League Championship Series

Game 1: Brewers 6, Dodgers 5
Game 2: Dodgers 4 Brewers 3
Game 3: Brewers 4, Dodgers 0
Game 4: Dodgers 2, Brewers 1
Game 5: Dodgers 5, Brewers 2
Game 6: Brewers 7,  Dodgers 2

Game 1: Astros 7, Red Sox 2
Game 2: Red Sox 7, Astros 5
Game 3: Red Sox 8, Astros 2
Game 4: Red Sox 8, Astros 6
Game 5: Red Sox 4, Astros 1

Red Sox win series 4-1


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