World Cup Soccer at Nevada Smith’s: Wed. April 1

The FIFA World Cup won’t be held until 2010 in South Africa, but the qualifying rounds have already begun. (They don’t just let any country in, teams have to win some games against their own continent, first).

24 matches are being played today (see schedule), and there is no better place to watch soccer in New York than at Nevada Smith’s, which will be showing 16 games either live or re-broadcast on delay today…
Wednesday, April 1
World Cup Soccer Qualifying Matches

Italy v Ireland
LIVE – PPV 2:45pm

Scotland v Iceland
LIVE 3pm

England v Ukraine
LIVE – PPV 3pm

Bolivia v Argentina
LIVE- PPV 3:30pm

Ecuador v Paraguay
LIVE – PPV 5:20pm

Holland v Macedonia
Same Day Delay – 4:45pm

Israel v Greece
Same Day Delay – 5pm

France v Lithuania
Same Day Delay 5:45pm

Chile v Uruguay
LIVE 7pm

Wales v Germany
Same Day Delay 7:30pm

U.S.A. v Trinidad & Tabago
LIVE 7:30pm

Bulgaria v Cyprus
Same Day delay 8:30pm

Brazil v Peru
LIVE-PPV 9:10pm

Turkey v Spain
Same Day Delay 9:15pm

Honduras v Mexico
LIVE 9:30pm

Russia v Liechenstein
Same Day Delay 9:30pm
Nevada Smith’s
74 Third Ave.
(between 11th & 12th St.)
New York, NY
(212) 982-2591

For more information on the preliminaries, visit:

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