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photo via facebook

photo via facebook

During the summer of 2014, word came out that Subway Inn, the classic New York dive bar that had been open since 1937, would be losing their lease as their landlord planned to demolish the building to make way for high rise construction. The Salinas family, owners of the bar, launched a campaign to save the Subway Inn.  It drew tremendous support from their regulars and the New York bar fly community in general.  They went to court to fight the eviction.  Their petition gathered thousands of signatures, and supporters included comedian Jackie Mason, the New York City’s Landmark Preservation Commission, Councilman Dan Garodnick, and State Senator Liz Krueger   They even launched a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo (see below).

In August, 2014, New York City’s Civil Court granted a temporary restraining order and ceased all eviction proceedings.  Then, on October 7, 2014 The Salinas family reported that the Subway Inn has finalized a deal to re-locate the Subway Inn two blocks east, on Second Ave. & E. 60th St.  They plan to replicate the original Subway Inn in every detail.

They will joyfully be replacing their “SAVE SUBWAY INN!“ signs with a new series of banners reading, “SAME SUBWAY INN! Just 2 Blocks East”. This will be their new slogan and tag line.



See their Indiegogo campaign:


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