Best Lists of 2014 – NYC Nightlife Edition

At this time of year, everybody is making their year-end “Best of 2014″ lists. So in our continuous efforts to “connect the fun to the fun people”, we present our Best Of list of the best “best of” lists of 2014, NYC Nightlife Edition.

Bars by categories…

The 10 best whiskey bars in NYC by Andrew Zimmer [Thrillist]
The 16 Other Best Whiskey Bars in NYC by Andrew Zimmer [Thrillist]
The 15 best sports bars in NYC by By Kate Mooney and Chris Schonberger [Time Out NY]
60 NYC bars with Fireplaces by River Myers & Andrew Zimmer [Thrillist]
Oyster Bars & Raw Bars in NYC by Murph [MurphGuide]
NYC’s Best Bars With Trivia by Adrienne Smith []
5 Australian Bars in NYC by Murph. [MurphGuide]
The 10 best hookup bars in NYC by Time Out editors [Time Out NY]
19 German Bars in NYC by Murph. [MurphGuide]
NYC Skee-Ball Bars: The Best Guide Out There by Remy Canario [Table Hopping NY]
9 Belgian Bars in NYC by Murph. [MurphGuide]
The 8 best cocktail bars in NYC. by Andrew Zimmer [Thrillist]
Top 5 Mexican Restaurants in New York City by Hope Mangum [Library Hotel Collection]
A Guide To NYC’s Gay Bars by Eddie Going [gothamist]
80 NYC rooftop bars: the ultimate guide by Andrew Zimmer [Thrillist]
83 Mexican Bars & Restaurants in NYC by Murph. [MurphGuide]
The 12 best waterfront bars in NYC by Andrew Zimmer [Thrillist]
English Pubs in NYC by Murph. [MurphGuide]

Bars by Neighborhood…

The official Upper East Side drinking guide by [Thrillist]
The Best Happy Hours in Fort Greene/Clinton Hill by Nathan Reese []
The Bushwick Barsplosion by Alexa Tsoulis-Reay & Mary Jane Weedman []
The best bar in 30 Manhattan neighborhoods by Andrew Zimmer [Thrillist]
The best place to go on every Williamsburg block of Bedford Ave by Jennifer Nalewicki [Thrillist]
The 20 best bars in the West Village by Carrie Dennis [Thrillist]


Where to drink beer straight from the source in NYC by Chris O’Leary [Brew York]
These are NYC’s 16 best beer bars
by Andrew Zimmer [Thrillist]
NYC Beer Gardens: where to drink with friends
by Georgia Kral [AM New York]
13 Beer Halls Where You Can Celebrate Oktoberfest by [Sadie Rae and Co.]
Beer Superlatives: The best and worst of the New York beer scene in 2014 by Chris O’Leary [Brew York]

Dive bars…

The 13 Best Dive Bars In NYC by Rebecca Fishbein [gothamist]
The Neo-Dives: 9 Bars That Keep New York’s Downscale Drinking Tradition Alive by Robert Simonson [Grub Street]
The Best Dive Bars in Brooklyn by the editors []
10 Dive Bars With The Most Debauchery For Your Dollar by Brett Myers  []

Drink specials…

Late NYC Happy Hours for the Overworked And Underpaid by Ellen Killoran [Brooklyn Based]
56 shot-and-a-beer specials in NYC for $7 or less by Andrew Zimmer & River Myers [Thrillist]

New Bars…

NYC’s 11 best new bars of the year by Andrew Zimmer [Thrillist]
The Best New NYC Bars of 2014 by Chris Schonberger, Erin Mosbaugh, Alia Akkam, Joshua M. Bernstein, Aaron Goldfarb, and Regan Hofmann [First We Feast]
The 20 best NYC openings of the summer by Andrew Zimmer [Thrillist]
The 10 Best New Bars In NYC by Nell Casey [gothamist]
Sports suck! Our guide to NYC’s least-athletic leagues by Nadia Chaudhury and Kenny Herzog [Time Out NY]

Hot spots…

The 15 Hottest Bars in NYC, Fall Edition by Kelly Dobkin [Zagat]
15 bars in Manhattan we promise you’ll love by Mary Plunkett []
NYC secrets: The city’s trendy speakeasies by [USA Today]
The Absolute Best Speakeasies in New York City, and How to Get Into Them by Sarah Probst [Thrillist]
Amy Sacco’s Guide to New York City Nightlife by Andrew Stone [Virgin Atlantic]
The best-looking NYC restaurants and bars of the year by Rheanna O’Neil Bellomo [Time Out NY]


The 10 Shuttered NYC Bars & Restaurants We’ll Miss The Most by Nell Casey [gothamist]
RIP: 24 NYC spots that shuttered their doors this year
by Andrew Zimmer [thrillist]

Best of the best…

The World’s 50 Best Bars 2014  [World’s 50 Best Bars]
The 33 Best Cocktail Bars in the Country by Kevin Alexander [Thrillist]
Food & Drink Awards 2014: Critics’ picks by Christina Izzo, Daniel S. Meyer, Chris Schonberger and Mari Uyehara [Time Out NY]
18 reasons why NYC’s bar scene is the best by Rachel Murphy [Thrillist]
Most Prolific Nightlife Writer (besides Murph, of course!): Andrew Zimmer of Thrillist

and finally…

200 Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in NYC [MurphGuide]

Feel free to add any I missed in the comments below.

Happy New Year!  Thanks for reading



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