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Over the years as a student of NYC nightlife running, I have had the opportunity to meet several professional comedians in New York. But when a bunch of comedians that I didn’t know started connecting to me on Facebook, I began to wonder.

Now, I know my name is not that unique. Sean Murphy is like the “John Smith” of Irish names. And every single Murphy in the history of Murphkind has at one time or another been called “Murph”. It has not been unusual for me to meet other people with the same name as me. There was another Sean Murphy on the same floor of my dorm my freshman year! And I befriended another Sean Murphy that used to own the Victory Cafe.

So I did some research, and figured out that some of these comedians contacting me probably were trying to connect with Sean Murphy, the comedian. This Sean Murphy and that Sean Murphy recently linked up on Facebook and started a correspondence. He told me that there is yet another Sean Murphy also in NYC comedy and he sometimes get mistaken for him. (The other Sean Murphy, whom I have yet to meet, can be seen Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays at New York Comedy Club).

Now let’s get to the point of this blog.
This Sean Murphy wants to tell you about that Sean Murphy’s comedy show tonight at The Village Lantern:

Wednesday, March 25
“Avoid the Clap – Jimmy Dugan
A night of comedy hosted by Sean Murphy
$3 beers, free condoms from
and great comedy with:
Adi Blotman
Hannibal Buress
John Knefel
Yannis Pappas
Yamaneika Saunders
Reese Waters
Ali Wong

Hosted by Sean Murphy
no cover
RSVP via Facebook

Village Lantern
167 Bleecker St.
(Bet. Sullivan & Thompson St.)
New York, NY
(212) 260-7993

In case you were wondering about the “Avoid the clap” title, it is a line from the movie “A League of Their Own”. See clip below…

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