Best Margaritas in NYC

Note: This article was published in 2017.

Who makes the best margaritas in NYC

best margarita nycThe occasion of National Margarita Day brings forth the question: where can you find the best margaritas in NYC?

By googling “best margarita NYC” we discovered 27 articles/posts in the first 3 pages, dating from 2011-2017. By combing all the these lists, we determine which venues were mentioned the most times.

Some notes: We recognize the unscientific nature of the data. For example, venues with multiple locations were combined, giving them an advantage. All posts were given equal weight, even though some sources are more recognized as an authority than others. And since we used sources from the past 7 years, older venues would have more opportunity to be mentioned than the newest venues. Even the word “best” is subject to interpretation, not to mention the word is used as “click-bait” by practically everybody.

You can see the list of lists (sources) at the bottom of this page.

The Most Frequently Mentioned Best Margarita Venues in NYC:

The top spot, with 12 mentions is Rosa Mexicano:
web-chain-link-icon Rosa Mexicano (four locations)
First Ave: 1063 First Ave. (58th St.) New York, NY. (212) 753-7407
Lincoln Center: 61 Columbus Ave. (W. 62nd St.) New York, NY. (212) 977-7700
Union Square: 9 E. 18th St. (between Fifth Ave. & Broadway) New York, NY. (212) 533-3350
Tribeca: 41 Murray St. (between Church St. & W. Broadway) New York, NY. (212) 849-2885

Runner up, with 11 mentions each: Barrio Chino & Empellon:

web-chain-link-iconBarrio Chino: 253 Broome St. (between Orchard & Ludlow St.) New York, NY. (212) 228-6710
web-chain-link-iconEmpellon (three locations)empellon

Empellon Taqueria: 230 W. 4th St. (W. 10th St.) New York, NY. (212) 367-0999
Empallon al Pastor: 132 St. Marks Pl. (Ave. A) New York, NY. (646) 833-7039
Empellon: 510 Madison Ave. (53rd St.) New York, NY. (212) 858-9365

Fonda was mentioned on 7 lists:

web-chain-link-iconFonda: (three locations)
Park Slope: 434 Seventh Ave. (between 14th & 15th St.) Brooklyn, NY (718) 369-3144
E. Village: 40 Avenue B (between 3rd & 4th St.) New York, NY (212) 677-4096
Chelsea: 189 Ninth Ave. (between 21st & 22nd St.) New York, NY (917) 525-5252

Five venues were mentioned on 6 lists:
Agave, Dos Caminos, Ofrenda, The Wayland, and Toloache

web-chain-link-iconAgave: 140 Seventh Ave. So. (between 10th & Charles St.) New York, NY. (212) 989-2100

web-chain-link-iconDos Caminos: (five locations)
Park Ave: 373 Park Ave. South (between 26th & 27th St.) New York, NY (212) 294-1000
midtown: 825 Third Ave. (50th St.) New York, NY (212) 336-5400
meatpacking district: 675 Hudson St. (13th St.) New York, NY (212) 699-2400
Soho: 475 West Broadway (Houston St.) New York, NY (212) 277-4300
Times Square: 1567 Broadway (47th St.) New York, NY (212) 918-1330

web-chain-link-iconOfrenda: 113 Seventh Ave. S. (Christopher St.) New York, NY. (212) 924-2305 ofrendanyc.comthe-wayland
web-chain-link-iconThe Wayland: 700 E. 9th St. (Ave. C) New York, NY. (212) 777-7022
web-chain-link-iconToloache (three locations)
Toloache 50: 251 W. 50th St. (between Broadway & Eighth Ave.) New York, NY (212) 581-1818
Toloache 82: 166 E. 82nd St. (between Lexington & Third Ave.) New York, NY (212) 861-4545
Toloache Thompson: 205 Thompson St. (Bleecker St.) New York, NY (212) 420-0600
Three venues made it on to 5 best-of lists: La Esquina, Mesa Coyoacan, The Black Ant

web-chain-link-iconLa Esquina: 106 Kenmare St. (Lafayette St.) New York, NY (646) 613-7100
web-chain-link-iconMesa Coyoacán: 372 Graham Ave. (bet. Skillman Ave. & Conselyea St.) Brooklyn, NY (718) 782-8171
web-chain-link-iconBlack Ant: 60 Second Ave. (between 3rd & 4th St.) New York, NY (212) 598-0300

Therefore, based on our research, here is our top 10:
Top 10 Bars for Margaritas in NYC:
1. Rosa Mexicano
2. (tie) Barrios Chinos & Empellon
4. Fonda
5. (tie) Agave, Dos Caminos, Ofrenda, The Wayland, and Toloache
9. (tie) La Esquina, Mesa Coyoacan, The Black Ant


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