BBQ for ER Staff Across NYC

After delivering a donation of BBQ from John Brown Smokehouse to the ER at Bellevue, owner Josh Bowen now plans to deliver BBQ to every hospital emergency room in NYC. He started a GoFundMe campaign to help support this endeavor.

John Brown Smokehouse
10-43 44th Dr. (between 10th & 11th St.)
Long Island City, Queens, NY.
(347) 617-1120

Message from the owner:
“We recently delivered a donation of world class BBQ to Bellevue Hospital ER staff and people asked if they can contribute. A gentleman gave me 750 bucks and an idea. Help us feed every ER staff in NYC. As we are closed most of the week at John Brown Smokehouse and we have closed our sister restaurant, Mothership Meat Company, till further notice we thought it would be nice to help however we can doing what we do best. All money goes to food at cost, labor for a helper (I’ll be doing most of the cooking but I’m fine eating ramen for awhile) and any restaurant related items to get these heroes 10 seconds of their day that’s not a living hell. We have our challenges as a restaurant during this insane time in history, but none of this money is going towards our mounting debts or staffing. Thanks to our awesome neighbors and Patrick Mahomes we are hanging on. If we need your help with that, we will ask. In the mean time I’m not sitting around doing nothing. I live 6 blocks from the restaurant and so do those who can help me out. And when this is all over, you are all invited to the biggest kegger in LIC history. That day WILL come. I promise. Stay safe. We love you guys.”
– Josh Bowen.

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