The Tap Room No 307 Rewards Program

taproom_rewardsWhile we think that drinking craft beer is its own reward, our friends at Tap Room No. 307 believe it can be even more rewarding.
Their rewards program enables you to earn free beer and great experiences such as food and beer pairings, brewery tours, beer classes or the ultimate beer baptism.

Download the sign-up sheet here and submit it to the bar.
The earn points for each beer you try at Tap Room No. 307.

Tap Room No. 307 Beer Rewards Program

5 pts – one free beer

10 pts – beer and premium scotch pairing

20 pts- $20 growler refill

30 pts- $30 growler refill

40 pts -$40 growler refill

50 pts- an introductory beer class- Czech & German beers

55 pts- $50 lunch voucher, perfect opportunity to impress with lunch & beer pairings for two.

60 pts- a home brew brunch for two. if you are looking for a way to make new friends and try some beers that your money can’t buy, join us for a great afternoon where several home brewers compete to have the winning flavor of the day, come and be the judge.

65 pts- learn the beers of Belgium, Netherlands & France

70 pts- class number three, learn about British Isles beers

75 pts- class number 4 beers of the USA

80 pts- field day trip- spend an afternoon at one of our favorite NYC breweries.

85 pts- home brew with us, join us for an afternoon of fun where you get to brew our own beer with us

taproom307_haley90 pts- a dinner pairing for 2 – The power beer couple of chef Stephen Durley and his wife Hayley Jensen, Tap Room 307’s beer sommelier, will host a 5 course dinner just for you.

95 pts- a guest bartending appearance for an hour, bring your friends, get a complimentary appetizer platter from the chef. And, of course, guest bartenders drink for free!

100 pts- a Tap Room 307 baptism ceremony with friends -our beer sommelier will officially baptize you and present you with your official certificate as a beer aficionado. Your head dipped in beer, tears and one round of drinks to 10 of your friends to toast your accomplishment.

Whether you take your free beer or shoot for the big baptism choose wisely because when you spend your points you start over.

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