Spotlight Artist: 2U

The second in our series of Spotlight Artists, featuring NYC’s musical talent. 2U calls itself “The World’s Second Best U2 Show“. This is, of course, out of respect for the original U2, so you have to admire their confidence. Comprised of music industry veterans, the U2 cover band’s leader Joe Cumia was nice enough to answer our questions:

2U’s Lineup
Joseph Cumia – guitar and vox.
Gene Marchello – lead vox.
Denis Perry – bass and vox.
Timothy Bellew – drums and sequencing.

How long have you been performing? How long performing in NYC?

10 years! I’ve been performing in NYC since the age of 17…but with this band, 10 yrs.

Past lives (i.e., previous bands, your early years, etc.):
Collectively throughout the years and all members (past and present):

The Good Rats, Nine Days, Rotgut, Project Floyd, Evolution – The Journey tribute, 2112 – The Rush tribute, Swift Kick, The Young Breed, 40 Ft. Ringo, Blizzard of Oz – Black Sabbath tribute, New Life Crisis, and too many more bands that are notable, but not enough room to list…

What are some of your favorite venues to play?
Disney World Epcot Center (3 years in a row this year), corporate events at major convention centers around the world, Sleepy Hollow Country Club (Hung out with Bill Murray! He jammed with us and did a bunch of Caddyshack schtick…surreal man!!!)

What are some of your musical influences?
Too many to list. Amongst many: Jimi Hendrix, Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2….obviously.

OK, time for some blatant self-promotion. What would you like to plug?
2U is only the first part of the bands full name… “2U-The Worlds 2nd Best U2 Show” is the full name of this band.

[Note: Some upcoming NYC gigs include July 9 & August 13 at Stout, Aug. 20 at Legends. They have a busy schedule, with gigs in several states]

Band website:
Twitter: @U2Tribute2U

Where can we buy your music?
2U playing U2 music is not for sale…that would be illegal.
Oh, right.

Tell us a story or anecdote about performing live in NYC:
Played at Hillary Clinton fundraiser when she was running for president. Got to meet Bill Clinton, and talk health care with him, amongst other stuff, for a good 20 minutes. He then took the podium and said, “Oh My God! Can you guys believe that band 2U??!? That was eerie!! I’ve seen U2 many times, and I couldn’t tell the difference! They even looked like the real thing!!!”

Any advice to someone just starting out?
Don’t ever turn down a paying gig… No matter how little the pay…WORK…WORK ….WORK! The money will get there…

Here is a video:

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