NYC Marathon Viewing Locations

nyc-marathon_verrazanoThe annual NYC Marathon returns Sunday, November 3, 2019. Approximately 50,000 runners will make their way through all 5 boroughs, starting in Staten Island and finishing in Central Park. It is one of the best days of the year to be a New Yorker.
Good luck to all the runners. If you are not running, here are some tips for viewing:

NYC Marathon Viewing Locations

Manhattan – The Bars of First Ave.:

The fun and excitement in Manhattan is along First Ave. as the runners make their way from the 59th St. Bridge and head north towards the Bronx.  When you get thirsty, pick any bar on First Ave., but once the pack of runners comes, it will be difficult to cross the street, so pick a side.  Here are some suggestions…

West side of the street:

E. 60s:
Treadwell Park: 1125 First Ave. (62nd St.) New York, NY (212) 832-1551

E. 70s:
Bar Coastal: 1495 First Ave. (78th St.) New York, NY
The Raven Pub: 1471 First Ave (between 76th & 77th St.) New York, NY
Finnegan’s Wake: 1361 First Ave. (73rd St.) New York, NY
Session 73: 1359 First Ave. (corner of 73rd St.) New York, NY

E. 80s:
Ryan’s Daughter: 350 E. 85th St. (between First & 2nd Ave.) New York, NY
Bayard’s: 1589 First Ave. (bet. 82nd & 83rd St.) New York, NY

East side of the street:

Irregulars: 1152 First Ave. (63rd St.) New York, NY
The Hunterian: 413 E. 70th St. (between First & York Ave.) (212) 825-1525
Murphy’s Law: 417 E. 70th St. (between York & First Ave.) (212) 628-3724
The Spotted Dog: 1154 First Ave. (between 63rd & 64th St.) (646) 649-5331

E. 70s:
Canyon Road: 1470 First Ave. (between 76th & 77th St.) New York, NY
Buena Onda: 1446 1st Ave. (between 75th & 76th St.) New York, NY
The Pony: 1444 First Ave. (75th St.) New York, NY

E. 80s:
Phil Hughes: 1682 First Ave. (88th St.) New York, NY
Avoca: 1678 First Ave. (between 87th & 88th St.) New York, NY
Somebody’s Darling: 1664 First Ave. (between 86th & 87th St.)

Manhattan – Upper east side:

Other bars of note in the area:

See our MurphGuide Directory of The Bars on the Upper East Side

1616 Second Ave. (84th St.)
New York, NY
(212) 772-6660

The East End Bar & GrillEast End Bar
1664 First Ave. (between 86th & 87th St.)
New York, NY
(212) 348-3783

Merrion Squaremerrionsquare_graffiti
1840 Second Ave. (E. 95th St.)
New York, NY
(212) 831-7696

Manhattan: Upper West Side

Bars near the finish line (upper west side)
note: the finish line is in Central Park on the west side

Dive 75
101 W. 75th St. (bet. Amsterdam & Columbus Ave.)
New York, NY
(212) 362-7518

The Gin Mill: 442 Amsterdam Ave. (bet. 81st & 82nd St.) (212) 580-9080.
Jake’s Dilemma: 430 Amsterdam Ave. (bet. 80th & 81st St.) (212) 580-0556
The Parlour: 250 W. 86th St. (Broadway) New York, NY (212) 580- 8923


hellorhighwaterHell or High Water
performing live at The NYC Marathon
Mile 7.  SE corner of Union Street & 4th Ave.
(in front of Brownstone Bagels)
Park Slope, Brooklyn

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