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The 2018 FIFA World Cup will be held in Russia next year. The preliminary qualification matches had 208 national teams from 6 continental soccer federations compete over two years to qualify for the big tournament.

Each continent’s federation hold their own qualifying tournaments to determine which countries will make up the 32-team World Cup tournament:

  • Host nation Russia gets an automatic spot.
  • North/Central America & The Caribbean started with 35 teams vying for 3 1/2 spots. Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama have qualified.
  • South America started with 10 teams vying for 4 1/2 spots. Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Colombia have qualified. Peru qualified for the inter-continental playoff against New Zealand.
  • Europe started with 54 teams vying for thirteen berths. The 13 nations to qualify are Belgium, England, France, Germany, Iceland, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Serbia, Croatia, Denmark, Sweden, and Switzerland.
  • Asia started with 45 teams vying for 4 1/2 spots. Iran, Japan, Korean Republic and Saudi Arabia have qualified. Australia qualified by defeating Honduras in the inter-continental playoff.
  • Africa started with 53 teams vying for 5 spots. Egypt, Nigeria, Senegal, Morocco, and Tunisia have qualified.
  • Oceania started with 11 teams vying for 1/2 spot. New Zealand qualified for the inter-continental playoff against Peru.
  • Inter-continental: The four “1/2 spot” finalists are competing in the inter-continental playoff for the final two spots. Australia defeated Honduras to qualify for Russia. Peru plays New Zealand, competing for the final spot.

The 32 teams that qualify will compete for the World Cup in Russia from June 14 – July 15, 2018

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Upcoming Schedule:




Thursday, November 9
Switzerland 1, Northern Ireland 0
Croatia 4, Greece 1

Friday, November 10
Honduras 0, Australia 0
Senegal 2, South Africa 0
Algeria 1, Nigeria 1
Sweden 1, Italy 0

Saturday, November 11
New Zealand 0, Peru 0
Zambia 2, Cameroon 2
Gabon 0, Mali 0
Morocco 2, Côte d’Ivoire 0
Tunisia 0, Libya 0
Congo DR 3, Guinea 1
Denmark 0, Republic of Ireland 0

Sunday, November 12
Congo 1, Uganda 1
Ghana 1, Egypt 1
Switzerland 0, Northern Ireland 0
Greece 0, Croatia 0

Monday, November 13
Italy 0, Sweden 0

Tuesday, November 14
Senegal 2, South Africa 1
Burkina Faso 4, Cape Verde Islands 0
Denmark 5, Republic of Ireland 1

Wednesday, November 15
Australia 3, Honduras 1
Peru 2, New Zealand 0

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