Sean-nos New York

I recently ran into renowned fiddler Tony DeMarco at the Swift Session.  He told me about dancer Siobhan Butler‘s new dance classes, Sean-nos New York. And now I am telling you…

Sean-Nós is considered by many to be the original form of solo Irish dancing. Literally translating to “Old Style”, Sean-Nós is an improvised style that is completely unique to each dancer. Dancers interpret the music through low to the floor percussive movements, adding their own stylized flairs.

Classes are starting this month, with beginners starting on October 9, and monthly workshops starting October 27.

Beginner Classes: Tuesday, October 9th
$15 per class

Monthly Workshops:
Saturday, October 27
Back to Basics Technique: 3-4pm
Repertoire: 4-5pm
Improvisation: 5-6pm (features live music)
$15 each class

RSVP for these workshops by emailing


Times Square Arts Center
300 W. 43rd St. (Eighth Ave.)
New York, NY


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