DUB Pies Kickstarter Campaign

DUBpiesOur friends at DUB Pies, the Brooklyn-based makers of original New Zealand style meat pies, are working to go mobile via a food truck, and have launched a kickstarter campaign to help get it funded.

They have bought an old truck, but to retro-fit it to serve pies & coffee, and get it road-worthy, they estimate they need to raise $29,500 to make it happen.  They have taken to the micro-donation website Kickstarter.com to solicit donations from their fans and customers.

Supporters will be acknowledged and thanked with a tiered system.  From a $5 gift, which will get you thanked on the website, to the big $5,000 top tier donation, which gets a pie named after you. In between, there are 12 other donation levels, to suit every budget, with prizes including pies, coffees, T-shirts, an invitation to the DUB Pies truck launch party and more.

Donations can be made at Kickstarter.com

Check out the video below, starring Dub Pies founder Gareth Hughes:


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