OSFUG at UCB Theatre

OSFUG is a sketch comedy show held on the first Monday of the month at UCB Theatre in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC.

The Fast Fuckin’ Sketch Show

Becky Chicoine
Colin O’Brien
Sam Reece
Alex Song

Ian Stroud
Mark Vigeant
& Michael Wolf
Directed by Joanna Simmons

$9 admission [tickets]

UCB Theatre
 555 W. 42nd St. (between 10th & 11th Ave.)
New York, NY
(212) 366-9176


“OSFUG is the split second after your body dies but before your brain has shut down – ten thousand lightning bolts of pure chemical color rushing through your fraying veins into your exploding heart. It’s another lifetime flashing before your eyes and it’s over before you know it. We write and perform fast fuckin’ sketches that are bold, strange and silly. We cram more excitement and comedy into a half hour than scientists thought possible. Our shows will give you characters, songs, surprise, theater and gut-punching laughs. Our Show Fucks Up God.”

For more information about OSFUG, visit OSFUG.com

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