Tequila Bars in NYC

Mezcal is a spirit made from the agave plant. Tequila, a product of Mexico, is a spirit made from the blue agave plant. Thus, all tequilas are mezcal, but not all mezcals are tequila.   In our continuous efforts to “connect the fun to the people”, we present our MurphGuide Directory of the top tequila bars in NYC.


Lower Manhattan

Mad Dog & BeansMad Dog & Beans Mexican Cantina
83 Pearl St. / 50 Stone St.
New York, NY
(212) 269-1177

web-chain-link-iconEl Vez: 259 Vesey St. (between West St. & North End Ave.) (212) 233-2500
restaurant & bar featuring Mexican-American cuisine and 150 mezcals and tequilas.

Lower East Side

web-chain-link-iconCasa Mezcal: 86 Orchard St. (Broome St.) (212) 777-2600
Mexican restaurant specializing in the cuisine and mezcal of Oaxaca

Greenwich Village

web-chain-link-iconAgave: 140 Seventh Ave. So. (between 10th & Charles St.) (212) 989-2100
Restaurant & tequila bar serving southwestern cuisine and tequila cocktails
web-chain-link-iconCaliente Cab Co.: 61 7th Ave. South (Bleecker St.) (212) 243-8517
Mexican cafe & tequila bar featuring cuisine from the Peninsula of Yucatan to the heart of Puebla
web-chain-link-iconCowgirl: 519 Hudson St. (10th St.) (212) 633-1133
Texas-friendly bar & restaurant known for their margaritas and featuring 30 different tequila shots
web-chain-link-iconToloache Thompson: 205 Thompson St. (Bleecker St.) (212) 420-0600
Authentic Mexican restaurant with over 100 different tequilas & mezcals
web-chain-link-iconEl Toro Blanco: 257 Sixth Ave. (between Houston & Bleecker St.) (212) 645-0193
Mexican restaurant & tequila bar with 100-plus tequila selections
web-chain-link-iconTortaria: 94 University Pl. (12th St.) (212) 776-1830
Mexican sandwich shop and tequila bar that specializes in tortas, taquitos and tequila.
web-chain-link-iconTrece: 54 E. 13th St. (between Broadway & University Pl.) (212) 477-2277
Authentic Mexican restaurant & tequila bar

Meat Packing District

web-chain-link-iconDos Caminos: 675 Hudson St. (13th St.) (212) 699-2400
One of 5 locations, Dos Caminos features 100 different kinds of tequila and serving authentic and upscale Mexican cuisine


web-chain-link-iconBodega Negra: 355 W. 16th St. (between 8th & 9th Ave.) (212) 229-2336
Dream Downtown’s hidden cantina serving upscale Mexican fare and bespoke cocktails.
web-chain-link-iconTemerario: 198 Eighth Ave. (20th St.) (212) 645-2100
Mexican restaurant & tequila bar serving “bold and strong agave based cocktails
web-chain-link-iconTequila Chito’s: 358 W. 23rd St. (Ninth Ave.) (212) 463-0535
family owned Mexican restaurant


web-chain-link-iconCasa Neta:40 E. 20th St. (between Broadway & Park Ave South) (212) 529-7870
Casa Neta is a mezcaleria and tequileria, serving 120 varieties of tequila authentic small plates from Mexico City


web-chain-link-iconAbajo at Anejo: 301 Church St. (Walker St.) (212) 920-6270
Agave lounge below Anejo Mexican restaurant
web-chain-link-iconAñejo: 301 Church St. (Walker St.) (212) 920-6270
Rustic Mexican tequileria y restaurante

East Village

web-chain-link-iconEastpoint: 25 Avenue B (between 2nd & 3rd St.) (646) 882-0593
Eastpoint is a is neighborhood bar offering a seasonal cocktail, beer and wine menu.
web-chain-link-icon El Camion Cantina: 194 Avenue A (12th St.) (212) 533-5436
Mexican restaurant & bar featuring an extensive list of 101 premium tequilas
web-chain-link-icond.b.a.: 41 First Ave. (between 2nd & 3rd St.) (212) 475-5097
Craft beer bar with a backyard patio and a diverse selection of beer, whisky & tequila
web-chain-link-iconGhost Donkey: 4 Bleecker St. (Bowery) (212) 254-0350
Mexican-inspired tequila and mezcal bar.
web-chain-link-iconSwift Hibernian Lounge: 34 E. 4th St. (between Bowery & Lafayette) (212) 260-3600/(212) 22-SWIFT
classic Irish pub featuring 16 top shelf tequilas.

Union Square

web-chain-link-iconCamacho’s: 118A E. 15th St. (between Third Ave. & Union Sq. West) (212) 677-6300
Mexican bar & restaurant serving tacos & tequila

East 20s

web-chain-link-iconVamos!: 348 First Ave. (20th St.) (917) 924-1398
Mexican restaurant featuring over 60 tequilas [tequila menu]

East 30s

 Mad Dog & Beans Mexican Cantina
5 E. 38th St.
(between Fifth & Madison Ave.)
(646) 998-5722
web-chain-link-iconEl Parador Café: 325 E. 34th St. (between First & Second Ave.) (212) 679-6812
the oldest Mexican restaurant in NYC, serving Mexican cuisine & tequila since 1959

East 40s

web-chain-link-iconPampano: 209 E. 49th St. (between Second & Third Ave.) (212) 751-4545
Contemporary Mexican restaurant owned by acclaimed Chef Richard Sandoval and tenor Placido Domingo

East 50s

web-chain-link-iconDos Caminos: 825 Third Ave. (50th St.) (212) 336-5400
Mexican restaurant & bar featuring 100 different kinds of tequila

West 50s:

web-chain-link-iconJohnny Utah’s: 25 W. 51st St. (between Fifth & Sixth Ave.) (212) 265-UTAH
6,000-square-foot subterranean Tex-Mex saloon
web-chain-link-iconVida Verde: 248 W. 55th St. (between Broadway & Eighth Ave.) (646) 590-2034
tequila bar with décor hand-painted graffiti by Victor Marka

Hell’s Kitchen

web-chain-link-iconAñejo: 668 10th Ave. (W. 47th St.) (212) 920-4770
Rustic tequileria y restaurante specializing in Mexican cocktails and food.
web-chain-link-iconTacuba Cantina Mexicana: 802 Ninth Ave. (between 53rd & 54th St.) (212) 245-4500
Mexican restaurant with a large collection of tequilas and Mezcal

Upper East Side

web-chain-link-iconMaz Mezcal: 316 E. 86th St. (between First & Second Ave.) (212) 472-1599
Mexican restaurant & tequila bar.


Bay Ridge

web-chain-link-iconLoco Lobo: 8530 Third Ave. (86th St.) (718) 833-0043
Mexican bar featuring 25 different types of tequila


web-chain-link-iconHeavy Woods: 50 Wyckoff Ave. (Willoughby Ave.) (929) 234-3500
bar & restaurant with “a major in whiskey, a minor in tequila and mezcal”

Cobble Hill

web-chain-link-iconLobo: 218 Court St. (Warren St.) (718) 858-7739
Tex-Mex restaurant & tequila bar.


Vamos Al Tequila: 162 Franklin St. (Kent St.) (718) 383-0808
authentic Mexican restaurant & tequila bar


web-chain-link-iconCasa Publica: 594 Union Ave. (Richardson St.) (718) 388-3555
restaurant serving regional cuisine from Mexico City.
web-chain-link-iconMesa Coyoacán: 372 Graham Ave. (between Skillman Ave. & Conselyea St.) (718) 782-8171
Mexican restaurant with over 150 tequilas and mezcales
web-chain-link-iconMezcaleria La Milagrosa: 149 Havemeyer St. (between S. 1st & S. 2nd St.) (718) 599-1499
Secret mezcal tasting & listening room with a very special Hi-Fi sound system, hidden behind a Mexican deli
web-chain-link-iconTrophy Bar: 351 Broadway (between Keap and Rodney) (718) 569-0265
Neighborhood bar featuring their signature tequila shot: The Verdita
Vera Cruz: 195 Bedford Ave. (between N. 6th & N. 7th St.) (718) 599-7914
Mexican restaurant & bar featuring tequilas, margaritas, and a seasonal patio



web-chain-link-iconMojave: 22-36 31st St. (between Ditmars Blvd. & 23rd Ave.) (718) 545-4100
Mexican restaurant & tequila bar

Staten Island:

New Brighton

web-chain-link-iconAdobe Blues: 63 Lafayette Ave. (Fillmore St.) (718) 720-BLUE
Southwestern restaurant serving Tex-Mex featuring over 200 beers and 50 tequilas

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