Sponsored Video: Beefeater 24 Global Bartender Competition

Inspired by the motions that a bartender goes through every day – whether in their bar stepping up for service – or competing under the scrutiny of a panel of judges

Bartenders today thoroughly prepare – nobody just shows up – they push themselves relentlessly because they know that they cannot make mistakes.
Every drink is an experience and every drink counts For a customer or a competition judge – it’s no different – how they prepare and deliver that experience is forever – they have to make an impact.

That pressure requires a level of reserve – they have to withdraw and focus – they have to remember their flow, remember their part. Then they have to actually deliver – using knowledge, charm, dexterity – they have to bring it to life, amplifying the encounter and magnifying that moment.
They get one chance to make an impression, to make it matter. All that repetition, all that training, all that imagination and talent – just for a moment.
The concept of making a moment count is poignant today, when the world moves so fast. Blink and its gone. For more information, please visit Beefeater 24 on facebook
Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Beefeater 24.  That means MurphGuide gets paid a few cents if you watch it. (Hey, Murph has to pay the bills, right?)
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