Irish Rock Fest: Thursday, July 24

Our friends at Jivin’ Jones Records started The Jivin’ Jones Irish Rock Festival in December 2004. It has grown over the years to an ongoing series of events, designed to showcase the disparate styles of Irish rock music that have been developing across the globe. Bands that have appeared in one show or another include The Prodigals, Lancaster County Prison, Neck, Icewagon Flu, The Ruffians, The McCabes, The Mickey Finns, Finn’s Fury and more. Their next installment is tonight…

Thursday, July 24
Jivin’ Jones Records & presents…
Irish Rock Fest Music Series
featuring live music by
The Town Pants
Ice Wagon Flu
$10 admission
Third Floor
121 W. 45th St. (between 6th & 7th Ave.)
New York, NY
(212) 597-5126

MurphGuide write-up of the first Irish Rock Fest (by S. Bailey)
Irish Rock Fest
Ceann (myspace)
Ice Wagon Flu
Ice Wagon Flu (myspace)
The Town Pants
The Town Pants (
Connolly’s Pub & Restaurant
Jivin’ Jones Records

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