Trivia A.D. Virtual Pub Trivia

Trivia, AD is a trivia company specializing in pop culture, producing deep dive quizzes of specific movies, television series, books, and pop culture.  They have produced countless trivia nights in NYC, New Jersey and Long Island.    During the Covid-19 pandemic, they are providing virtual trivia nights streaming via facebook or instagram.

Trivia A.D. presents…
Virtual Trivia Series

Monday, July 20: Will & Grace Trivia (facebook)
Tuesday, July 21: 2000s Pop Culture Trivia (instagram)
Wednesday, July 22: A League of Their Own Trivia (facebook)
Thursday, July 23: UnBreakable Kimmy Schmidt Trivia (instagram)
Saturday, July 25: Disney (Movie) Trivia (facebook)
Sunday, July 26: The Office Trivia (facebook)
Monday, July 27: Harry Potter (Movie) Trivia (facebook)
Tuesday, July 28: Back to the Future (Trilogy) Trivia (instagram)
Wednesday, July 29: Stranger Things Trivia (facebook)
Thursday, July 30: Friends Trivia (instagram)

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