Tavern on Third

Tavern on Third (2012-2017) is closed

Tavern on Third was a high-end sports bar with a laid-back atmosphere, located in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Manhattan.

Private parties at Tavern on Third
A private room near the back accommodates 50 people and has a private bar and big screen.  A “gourmet bar food” features items such as a blue cheese stuffed burger topped with apple slices and a honey spread and Cordon Bleu Mac and Cheese Balls.

Draft Tables:   Customers can pour their own beer right from the table while a computerized system keeps track of exactly how much they drink.
Call to reserve your draft table: (212) 300-4046

Sports at Tavern on Third:
With over thirty 40″ HD TVs, and three 70″ HD TVs, Tavern on Third plays sports with sound for most major games games and New York teams.


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