Spotlight Artist: The Natch

Our next spotlight artists are NYC punk rock trio The Natch.

I first met Trish Naudon, drummer for The Natch, when she was a members of the band America’s Sweethearts. Three members of that band went on to form The Natch. Trish answers our questions here:

Spotlight Artists: The Natch
Band Lineup:

Chris Thomas – guitar, lead vox,
Paris Mancini -bass, lead vox
Trish Naudon – drums, lead vox

How long have you been performing?
We have been performing for about a year now. We have done 5 tours through the Midwest, South and Northeast with the help of sponsors, endorsements and small record labels.

Past lives (i.e., previous bands, your early years, etc.):
As a unit we were all in NYC based band America’s Sweetheart, touring all over until our lead singer and second guitar player quit last year. The remaining band members weren’t ready to quit, and with gig commitments at large festivals and tours, we decided to rename ourselves and write new songs and hit the road within 10 days of reforming. We didn’t look back and have had great feedback from our old and new fans. Separately, Chris is still in his metal band, LESION & Empire Wasted and was part of alt rock band, Furniture Music. Trish’s old projects were from very early years in LA with a girl trio called the No Notes and in Washington DC with Fuzz Rocket, both silly punk bands. Paris is currently in SIRENS, a vocal transient sound.

Musical influences:
Black Sabbath, Gang of Four, Ramones, Pavement, Pixes, The Clash, Motown

Favorite venues to play:
The Mutiny in Chicago, The Spit Fire in Cleveland, OH, The Slainte in Portland, ME, Arlene Grocery in NYC, Bar Matchless in Brooklyn, The Gatekeeper and Two Boots in CT

Blatant self-promotion:
What would you like to plug?
We have some cool new T-shirts design by John Berdahl available at our gigs for now and our new debut CD will be coming out very soon. We have three mixed tracks online to listen to but not purchase yet.
One of our new songs, Pump & Motor, was just released on Cleveland’s JIB Machine Records “DEMONS” Vol.2 Compilation which also just got distribution in Japan.

You have a new album coming out. Can you tell us a little about it?
Yeah, we’ve got our debut CD coming out soon and we’re super psyched. Sometimes a song comes out of a jam and just messing around in the studio or someone will come in with an idea and we’ll run with it. Basically, we all write songs individually and together as a band, although writing together as a band is our favorite because we tend to write really fast with each other and get silly trying to working it out. We are also recording, mixing and producing the CD on our own and we feel like it’s a great mix of all our writing styles. We started recording our first tracks last November and still have a few backing vox and percussion to a few songs and to mix the remaining songs. We’re really psyched to finish cuz we’ve already got a whole second CD’s worth.
Where can we buy your music?
Hopefully everywhere soon when we drop our new CD, but in the meantime, you can find us on a pretty sweet Compilation CD on JIB Machine Records, or download at:

Twitter: thenatchnyc
Myspace: thenatchnyc
Reverb Nation: thenatch
Sonic bids: thenatchnyc

Tell us a story or anecdote about performing live in NYC.
Wow…so many juicy ones. We’ve had full blown chair & table throwing, we’ve had a dozen navy boys during Fleet Week bum rush the stage and demand we do shots they bought us every time we started a new song. We’ve had boys licking & humping the railing around us while we play; at the Brooklyn Lyceum in 5 degree weather some guy striped naked and did a lap around the band twice to get a free CD. Funny enough, NYC is pretty tame compared to some of the other smaller cities.

Any advice to someone just starting out?
Play out as much as you can!

Can you recommend any other artists we should feature on MurphGuide?
Leision, they are an awesome NYC based band that rocks.

The Natch will perform on Thursday, December 9, 2010 at R Bar as part of Girls Rock & Girls Rule 9th Anniversary show:

Thursday, December 9
Girls Rock & Girls Rule
9th Anniversary Celebration

featuring live music by:
Guitar Girls Undercover
Vampness & the Mad Dog
The Rosies
The Natch

$6 in advance, $8 at the door
R Bar

218 Bowery (between Prince & Spring St.)
New York, NY
(347) 482-1392

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