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World Cup Qualifier Viewing in NYC

FIFA World Cup 2018worldcup2018

Even though the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia over a year away, preliminary qualification matches are underway.

Each continent’s federation hold their own qualifying tournaments.
Host nation Russia gets an automatic spot.
North/Central America & The Caribbean started with 35 teams. They are currently in the 5th round. Six teams remain for 3 1/2 spots.
South American has 10 teams currently vying for 4 1/2 spots.
Europe’s preliminary round has 54 teams vying for thirteen berths.
Asia started with 45 teams. 12 teams are currently competing in the 4th round, vying for 4 1/2 spots.
Africa started with 53 teams. 20 team are currently competing in the 3rd round, vying for 5 spots.
Oceania started with 11 teams. 6 teams are currently competing in the 3rd round, vying for just 1/2 a spot.
The four “1/2 spot” finalists will compete for the final two spots.
The 32 teams that qualify will compete for the World Cup in Russia from June 14 – July 15, 2018

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Thursday, March 23, 2017
Papua New Guinea vs. Tahiti – 2am
China PR vs. Korea Republic – 7:35am
Thailand vs. Saudi Arabia – 8am
Syria vs. Uzbekistan – 8am
Iraq vs. Australia – 9am
United Arab Emirates vs. Japan – 11:30am
Qatar vs. Iran – 12pm
Colombia vs. Bolivia – 4:30pm
Paraguay vs. Ecuador – 7pm
Uruguay vs. Brazil – 7pm
Venezuela vs. Peru – 7:30pm
Argentina vs. Chile – 7:30pm

Friday, March 24
Georgia vs. Serbia – 1pm
Turkey vs. Finland – 1pm
Republic of Ireland vs. Wales – 2:45pm
Austria vs. Moldova – 3:45pm
Croatia vs. Ukraine – 3:45pm
Italy vs. Albania – 3:45pm
Kosovo vs. Iceland – 3:45pm
Liechtenstein vs. FYR Macedonia – 3:45pm
Spain vs. Israel – 3:45pm
Trinidad and Tobago vs. Panama – 7pm
Fiji vs. New Zealand – 9pm
USA vs. Honduras – 10:30pm

Saturday, March 25
Andorra vs. Faroe Islands – 12pm
Bosnia and Herzegovina vs. Gibraltar – 12pm
Sweden vs. Belarus – 12pm
Cyprus vs. Estonia – 1pm
Switzerland vs. Latvia – 1pm
Belgium vs. Greece – 3:45pm
Bulgaria vs. Netherlands – 3:45pm
Luxembourg vs. France – 3:45pm
Portugal vs. Hungary – 3:45pm

Sunday, March 26
Armenia vs. Kazakhstan – 1pm
Azerbaijan vs. Germany – 1pm
England vs. Lithuania – 1pm
San Marino vs. Czech Republic – 1pm
Montenegro vs. Poland – 2:45pm
Romania vs. Denmark – 2:45pm
Scotland vs. Slovenia – 2:45pm
Malta vs. Slovakia – 3:45pm
Northern Ireland vs. Norway – 3:45pm

Tuesday, March 28
New Zealand vs. Fiji – 2:35am
Australia vs. United Arab Emirates – 5am
Japan vs. Thailand – 6:35am
Korea Republic vs. Syria – 7am
Iran vs. China PR – 9am
Uzbekistan vs. Qatar – 9am
Saudi Arabia vs. Iraq – 1:30pm
Bolivia vs. Argentina – 4pm
Ecuador vs. Colombia – 5pm
Chile vs. Venezuela – 6pm
Trinidad and Tobago vs. Mexico – 7pm
Panama vs. USA – 10pm
Peru vs. Uruguay – 10:15pm
Brazil vs. Paraguay – 10:45pm
Tahiti vs. Papua New Guinea – 1am (Wednesday morning)


All times are ET





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