NHL Playoffs 2014 – First Round

2014 NHL Stanly Cup Playoffs

nhl_logoCongratulations to the NY Rangers for making it into the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs. (Sorry, Islanders and Devils)

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First Round:
Boston Bruins (#1) vs. Detroit Red Wings (#4)
Tampa Bay Lighting (#2) vs. Montreal Canadiens (#3)

Pittsburgh Penguins (#1) vs. Columbus Blue Jackets (#4)
NY Rangers (#2) vs. Philadelphia Flyers (#3)

Colorado Avalanche (#1) vs. Minnesota Wild (#4)
St. Louis Blues (#2) vs. Chicago Black Hawks (#3)

Anaheim Ducks (#1) vs. Dallas Stars (#4)
San Jose Sharks (#2) vs. L.A. Kings (#3)
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Wednesday, April 16

Montreal at Tampa Bay    Game 1    7pm
Columbus at Pittsburgh    Game 1    7:30pm
Dallas at Anaheim    Game 1    10pm

Thursday, April 17
Philadelphia at NY Rangers    Game 1    7pm
Chicago at St. Louis    Game 1    8pm
Minnesota at Colorado    Game 1    9:30pm
Los Angeles at San Jose    Game 1    10:30pm

Friday, April 18
Montreal at Tampa Bay    Game 2    7pm
Detroit at Boston    Game 1    7:30pm
Dallas at Anaheim    Game 2    10pm

Saturday, April 19
Chicago at St. Louis    Game 2    3pm
Columbus at Pittsburgh    Game 2    7pm
Minnesota at Colorado    Game 2    9:30pm

Sunday, April 20
Philadelphia at NY Rangers    Game 2    12pm
Detroit at Boston    Game 2    3pm
Tampa Bay at Montreal    Game 3    7pm
Los Angeles at San Jose    Game 2    10pm

Monday, April 21
Pittsburgh at Columbus    Game 3    7pm
Colorado at Minnesota    Game 3    7pm
St. Louis at Chicago    Game 3    8:30pm
Anaheim at Dallas    Game 3    9:30pm

Tuesday, April 22
Tampa Bay at Montreal    Game 4    7pm
Boston at Detroit    Game 3    7:30pm
NY Rangers at Philadelphia    Game 3    8pm
San Jose at Los Angeles    Game 3    10pm

Wednesday, April 23
Pittsburgh at Columbus    Game 4    7pm
Anaheim at Dallas    Game 4    8pm
St. Louis at Chicago    Game 4    9:30pm

Thursday, April 24
Boston at Detroit    Game 4    8pm
Colorado at Minnesota    Game 4    9:30pm
San Jose at Los Angeles    Game 4    10:30pm

Friday, April 25
NY Rangers at Philadelphia    Game 4    7pm
Chicago at St. Louis    Game 5    8pm
Dallas at Anaheim    Game 5    10:30pm

Saturday, April 26
Minnesota at Colorado    Game 5
Los Angeles at San Jose    Game 5
Columbus at Pittsburgh    Game 5
Detroit at Boston    Game 5   3pm

Sunday, April 27
Anaheim at Dallas    Game 6
Philadelphia at NY Rangers    Game 5    12pm
St. Louis at Chicago    Game 6    3pm

Monday, April 28
Colorado at Minnesota    Game 6
San Jose at Los Angeles    Game 6
Pittsburgh at Columbus    Game 6

Tuesday, April 29
NY Rangers at Philadelphia    Game 6    7:30pm

Wednesday, April 30        
Philadelphia at NY Rangers    Game 7    7pm
Minnesota at Colorado    Game 7     9:30pm
Los Angeles at San Jose    Game 7    10pm

All game times ET.

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