New York Beer Company: Coming Soon

New York Beer CompanyI recently got a sneak peak at a new bar opening later this year in Hell’s Kitchen: New York Beer Company (I am surprised nobody used that name before).

It is still under construction, as you can see by the photos below, taken last week.  They expect to be open some time in late February.

They will have some unique features, such as a New York-centric beer list.   They are going to have 40 lines with 30 different products. Seventy five percent of the drafts will be locally brewed. Over half of their 60 different bottles/cans will be locally brewed.

2 large draft tables will enable customers to pour their own pint at their seat via built-in beer taps.

They will also employ special software to create a beer exchange market, where prices will fluctuate based on the sales of particular brews, in essence a “Beer Stock Market”. Pricing for items on the market will rise and fall according to the demand of the particular products, and will be vividly displayed on large LCD’s and scrolling ticker tapes throughout the venue.  Exclusive software will monitor the point of sales system to allow real time updates on the market. There will also be the occasional “market crash”, a plunge of all items to their daily low which can be triggered by the manager on duty at anytime.

New York Beer Company, under construction.  The granite bar top, facing the front entrance.

New York scenery behind the bar. Mahogany columns are meant to mimic the columns of the New York Stock Exchange.

LED screen above the bar will show the fluctuating beer prices.
New York Beer Company
Dining area will have plenty of TVs for sports viewing.

Opening soon. Join their facebook page to be the first to know about their opening.
New York Beer CompanyNew York Beer Company
321 W. 44th St.
(between 8th & 9th Ave.)
New York, NY
212-245-BEER (2337)


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