New Bar: Park Avenue Tavern

Congratulations to our friends Dee & Terence Tubridy, Jeff Brosi, Eugene Brennan and Steve Maly on the opening of their new place, Park Avenue Tavern. I popped in on Friday night, and it is quite impressive.

Experienced hospitality veterans, owners from Libation (Lower East Side), Saloon (Upper East Side) and Good Company (Williamsburg) have teamed up with Billy Gilroy (Employees Only, Macao Trading Co., East Side Social Club) and opened a beautiful new tavern in midtown, a few blocks from Grand Central Station. Park Avenue Tavern has two bars: a large bar in the middle of the main room on the first floor (kind of like on “Cheers“), and another one downstairs, in the “Barrell Room”. There are plenty of flat screens all around, making it a good spot to watch a game. But being on Park Avenue, it is way more upscale than the average sports bar, with more attention paid to cocktails and food.

The big buzz right now is for their tap service downstairs. The beer taps are built right into the booths, so you can pour your own pints. Kind of like a self-service pump at the gas station, except with my kind of fuel.

Park Avenue Tavern

99 Park Ave. (39th St.)
New York, NY
(212) 867-4484
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