Ticket Giveaway: Saw Doctors, Lindy Promotions, Celtic Tenors

tickets-logoTicket giveaway:
In our continuous efforts to connect the fun to the fun people (you), we are giving away tickets to three upcoming events:
Thanks to our friends Anita Daly of Daly Communication, MurphGuide is giving away tickets to the The Saw Doctors and The Celtic Tenors.  Thanks to our friend Anna at Lindy Promotions, we have tickets to the Seaport Irish Stroll.  Check them out below, and if you are interested, follow the instructions below:


sawdoctors2013-300Friday, March 8:
The Saw Doctors
The Paramount Theatre
370 New York Avenue
Huntington, NY
(631) 673-7300

lindypromo3-9-13Saturday, March 9
Lindy Promotions
Seaport Irish Stroll

drink special at participating venues 1-9pm:
Liam’s Pub, Nassau Bar, Suspenders, The Beekman Pub, 121 Fulton, Jim Brady’s, The Irish American, The Full Shilling, The Iron Horse
Register at:
The Beekman Pub
15 Beekman St.
New York, NY
(212) 732-7333


CelticTenors-FeelsLikeHomeSaturday, March 16:
The Celtic Tenors
Lehman Center for Performing Arts
250 Bedford Park Blvd W
Bronx, NY
(718) 960-8833

To enter, leave a comment below with which event you want to attend.
Deadline to enter:
Saw Doctors: 5pm March 7
Lindy: 4pm March 8
Celtic Tenors: 4pm March 13

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